EUSIPCO 2018 will be held at "Centro Congressi di Confindustria - Auditorium della Tecnica", Viale Umberto Tupini, 65, 00144, Rome, Italy.

Since 1950s, the core of the Eur district – distinguished by the original blocks designed by Architect Marcello Piacentini – has been developed as a directorial centre with the construction of big facilities, apartment buildings and wide green areas.

The design and construction of the Confindustria Palace was part of a project – just partially realized – to gather at Eur the whole public sphere, so that the new Ministers would have been close to the big corporations’ headquarters and to other institutions. It was built next to the so-called Square Colosseum, a monument symbolizing the modern architecture.

Architect Vincenzo Monaco was chosen for the job: he designed the external structure of the new conference centre, while Pierluigi Spadolini was the one who designed the internal spaces and added technological features.

Spadolini also designed the Auditorioum della Tecnica, described as “architecture inside the architecture”: it was, in fact, obtained from the anonymous quadrangular underground garage that should have been part of the Palace. The Architect refined it, providing it with the most innovative technologies of the time.

Venue Blueprints

Reaching the conference venue

Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Fiumicino (Rome)
Once landed:

    • by car: drive on the Fiumicino-Rome motorway for 20 km, then enter the EUR district and drive for another 3 km (viale del Pattinaggio, via delle Tre Fontane, viale di Val Fiorita, piazzale Ferruccio Parri) until you reach Viale Umberto Tupini, 65;
    • by train: take the Leonardo Express train to Termini Railway Station (32 minutes). To reach Eur from there, please follow “By Train” directions.

G.B. Pastine Airport, Ciampino (Rome)
Once landed:

    • by car: drive on Via Appia Nuova towards Rome for 2 km. Then turn right on the Grande Raccordo Anulare towards Florence; after almost 10 km take exit number 26 to EUR Rome. From there, please follow “By Car” directions.
    • by bus: take the shuttle bus going to Termini Railway Station. From there, please follow “By Train” directions.

There are two big Railway Stations in Rome: Termini is served by underground B and B1. Tiburtina, by the underground B. Once you are in on of the two stations, please take the underground B or B1 to Laurentina and get off at Eur Magliana. Walk 650 m to Viale Umberto Tupini, 65.

Take exit number 26 from the Grande Raccordo Anulare – to Eur Rome and continue towards Via Pontina and Via Cristoforo Colombo for 2.5 km.
Once you are in Piazzale dello Sport, turn right to Piazzale Pier Luigi Nervi/Viale dell’Umanesimo. Continue to Largo del Ciclismo then turn right into Viale dell’Umanesimo/Largo Mustafa Kemal Ataturk; turn right again into Viale Umberto Tupini/Piazza Ghandi.


  • Underground. Linea B, stop Eur Magliana (walking distance 650m)
  • Bus. Line 709 (stop Astronomia-Gandhi); lines 31, 771, 780 (stop Tupini-Astronomia)
  • Taxi. The nearest station is in Viale Europa (walking distance 400m)

EUR District

The venue is placed in the EUR District. This Orwellian quarter of wide boulevards and linear buildings was built for an international exhibition in 1942, and although war intervened and the exhibition never took place, the name stuck – Esposizione Universale di Roma (Roman Universal Exhibition) or EUR. The area's main interest lies in its rationalist architecture, which finds perfect form in the iconic Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana, aka the Square Colosseum.

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